Founded in 2021, Art Suodeng Magazine focuses on contemporary art in China and abroad and builds a series of studies on contemporary art and humanity, society, and nature. Art Suodeng Magazine will open up a multi-directional art territory with its own media literacy.

Art Suodeng Magazine is semi-annual magazine with eight sections that cover grand art occasions at home and abroad. Art Suodeng Magazine is bilingual (CN/EN), updated regularly through electronic document and print publication, and is available to all readers with various new media platforms.

Art Suodeng Magazine, prepared successively in Shanghai, China and New York, United States, has an international team of art professionals. It aims to disseminate original thoughtful content to a broader field.


mainly observes and reviews art-related exhibitions at home and abroad, and continuously present valuable art data.


conducts a comprehensive and systematic survey of the influential artists from home and abroad a thematic study in the form of documents.


provides an in-depth understanding of the artists’ creative progress and the environment through visits and invitations, capturing a unique view for our readers with a keen perspective.


promote domestic and foreign artists with independent artistic style, artistic thinking, artistic character, and pay long-term attention to the dynamics of female artists and marginalized communities.


aim to build an interaction between collectors and artists, tells readers stories behind the artworks, and reflect the ideological value of the artworks.


write about contemporary artworks, art figures, and art criticism such as a view and opinion expressed on a certain art and cultural phenomenon.


involves literature, film, dram, architecture, music, dance, film and more. It conveys different ideas through different perspectives and presents different worlds through different identities.


talks about the positive repercussions of art on the surrounding natural, social, and economic environment.


Art Suodeng Magazine is launched in Shanghai and New York in 2021.

Art Suodeng Magazine is prepared in Shanghai & New York in 2020.